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Manntek Sweden MANNTEK

Mann-Teknik is a Swedish company located in Mariestad. Products provided include DDCoupling, SBCouplings, Break-bolt, Swivel Joints, Full Flow - Ballvalves, etc.

Product range includes:

DDCoupling   DDCoupling®

Dry Disconnect Couplings.¾" to 4", PN 16 - PN 25.Materials: Aluminium, Brass-Gunmetal, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Titanium and PEEK. Other materials on request.According to NATO standard STANAG 3756. Can be delivered with Atofina General Technical Documents compliance if this is specified by the costumer.

SBCouplings, Break-bolt   SBCouplings, Break-bolt

Safety Break-away Couplings. Aluminuim, Brass, Stainless Steel, PN 16.1½" to 4", female threads, with breaking pins.

SBCouplings, Cable Release   SBCouplings, Cable Release

Safety Break-away Couplings. Stainless Steel, PN 25.1½" to 4", female threads. 6" to 8", flanged connection.

Swivel Joints   Swivel Joints

¾" to 4", PN 10 - PN 25.Materials: Aluminium, Brass-Gunmetal, Stainless Steel. Other materials on request.Connection: BSP, NPT.

DACouplings   DACouplings, ISO 45

Dry Aviation Couplings.2½", PN 10. Main body in Aluminium. Bayonet flange and inner parts inStainless Steel and Aluminium. Connection: Flanged or Male/Female BSP/NPT threads. Also available in military green.According to standard: ISO 45, MS 24484, NATO STANAG 3105, British Aerospace Spec. 2C14.

Full Flow - Ballvalves   Full Flow - Ballvalves

2" to 4", PN 10, Aluminium. Ballvalve and 2-way Ballvalve. Made for Petroleum Tank Trucks. Variations of flange connections.

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