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Rosemount is a company that is involved in Tank Gauging, FMCW radar technology with digital reference for enhanced accuracy, Non-contact measurement, Integrated in TankRadar Rex tank gauging system & Drip-off antennas. Special Steel Components Corporation has successfully installed and commissioned Rosemount instrumentation in several plants all across India.

Products include:

RTG 3900 L Series Radar Gauges
Saab TankRadar RTG 3900 L Series is a radar level gauge with outstanding reliability, used on storage tanks in refineries and all types of tank terminals. The RTG 3900 L is part of the well proven TankRadar Rex tank gauging system. The gauge has no moving parts and is not in contact with the liquid. All electronics are located in the explosion proof housing, easily accessible from the outside. The RTG 3900 L is easy to install and configure. Its high performance and maintenance free operation make it a highly economical solution.

RTG 3950 L, Still-pipe Array Antenna Gauge
RTG 3950 L is designed for mounting on existing still-pipes. Typical applications are crude oil tanks with floating roofs and gasoline tanks with or without inner floating roofs. The gauge uses the Saab invented Low Loss Mode which concentrates the radar signal towards the center of the still-pipe to avoid the influence of rust and deposits on the pipe wall. This improves the accuracy dramatically (100 times better).

RTG 3960 L, LPG/LNG Gauge
RTG 3960 L measures the level in LPG/LNG tanks using a 4-in. still-pipe as a waveguide, ensuring a strong signal even from a boiling surface. Reference devices make it possible to verify measurements without opening the tank.

  • State-of-the-art FMCW radar technology with digital reference for enhanced accuracy
  • Non-contact measurement
  • Circular polarization reduces the influence from tank wall echoes
  • Outstanding reliability and high accuracy
  • Emulates other vendors’ field buses
  • TÜV approval for overfill protection
  • Integrated in TankRadar Rex tank gauging system
  • Drip-off antennas according to API, ch. 3.1 B, Ed 1

Tank Guage
Tank Guage

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